Pursuit charges after man arrested on suspicion of’sabotaging a hospital’

Pursuit charges after man arrested on suspicion of’sabotaging a hospital’

An Australian man has been charged with the attempted vandalism of a medical centre, an incident that occurred hours after his arrest.

Rohan Bhattacharya, 26, of the city of South Gosford in south Queensland, has been charged with three counts of aggravated burglary of a hospital, two counts of attempting to damage hospital buildings and one count of being convicted on a conviction of attempted arson.

All charges relate to the alleged attempted destruction of property at Royal Princess Hospital in Port Hedland, South Australia, on February 3. The alleged attempt comes on the same day as the World Health Organi바카라사이트sation’s health inspection, which recommended that urgent access to emergency healthcare services be improved in the state of South Australia.

Bhattacharya’s brother told the media, “He has been charged with what we believe to be some serious crimes,” he said of his brother, who has family in Australia. The police are asking anyone with information to call them directly.

Sgt Andrew Hillman, of the South 바카라사이트Australian police said there was an “outbreak” of cases like that at Royal Princess Hospital. ‘Not good at all’ — Simon Larkin (@SimonLarkin) February 12, 2016

“The only thing that was more alarming to me is the sheer number of incidents,” Superintendent Hillman said, according to the Australian. He added that the hospital had changed its security measures following a terrorist plot two weeks ago. “People tend to do things that they wouldn’t do in a hospital,” he said. “You see that and 더킹카지노think, that’s probably what happened.”

The Australian reports that a medical worker, who was present at a nearby hospital with a colleague when the incident happened, said it was possible the incident was a hoax. He said a young girl and an adult, both of whom were dressed as doctors and police officers, were seen attempting to break into the hospital’s hospital suite. The girl was wearing a full face mask when she tried to break in through the window and the man could be seen in the background, wearing a blue hospital jacket. Hillman said he wasn’t able to tell from photos that the injured man was in any way connected to any major incidents. However, he added that police are continuing to investigate. The attack took place at around 8am on a Monday morning. A doctor in uniform was not found in the suite until police were called about 20 minutes after the incident.

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