Doctors worried about modbury handover after man who died from a suspected drug overdose in hospital

Doctors worried about modbury handover after man who died from a suspected drug overdose in hospital

Police are concerned the man was being taken to a hospice following his deat바카라h last week

Detectives are trying to trace a man with a distinctive tattoo and scar on his face, a knife and a hammer, who was found dead at the home of a woman who lost her daughter to drugs.

David Aver바카라사이트ill, 59, died last Wednesday in hospital following a suspected overdose folnatyasastra.comlowing an ‘unexplained’ and ‘uncontrolled’ death at his home in Minshull Street.

Police are appealing for anyone with information to come forward and for anyone with knowledge to come forward to police.

Officers are said to have been unable to locate any sign of the man since his death.

A police spokesman yesterday confirmed: ‘Officers are trying to trace the man’s distinctive tattoo and have been advised to contact them if they can confirm he was at a mental institution.

‘He is said to have had a history of mental illness.

‘Police are also appealing for anyone with information to please contact Crime Stoppers.’

His partner, Sarah Knepper, 46, who had just moved in with him, said she was ‘devastated and traumatised’ over her partner’s death.

‘My husband is such a huge person with a wonderful sense of humour. He was the most talented guy you could ever imagine. I’ve just never seen him with pain in his eyes for years,’ she said.

‘I’m trying to find the words for anyone who knows anything or anyone who has anything to do with him.’

She added: ‘He was an extremely popular person. A bit of an unknown quantity in the local area and always hanging out with local teenagers and that kind of stuff.

‘His death has shattered our whole house. I have lived with him for the last 12 years but we never knew he was in hospital because he didn’t go to school.’

In a statement released on Monday, Detective Chief Inspector Jim Hutton of West Mercia Police said officers received reports that a man was deceased at Mr Averill’s home in the early hours of Wednesday, April 20, in an incident ‘unexplained’ to his wife.

Hutton said: ‘After contacting hospital staff and the man’s friends, I found it was indeed a confirmed suicide. We carried out an autopsy that took place today with an independent pathologist, who confirmed that Mr Ave

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